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Dallas Book Club Meeting
"The Bachman Hill Picnic"

Sunday, May 22nd 

Emma (Vol. III)

 Indulge your fantasy of participating in a Box Hill picnic at the Dallas Jane Austen Book Club meeting on Sunday, May 22nd.  The "Bachman Hill Picnic" will be set up directly outside the usual Book Club location at 3322 Shorecrest Drive in Dallas.  A delicious potluck picnic will be shared while a vigorous discussion of "Emma" Volume III ensues.   Just what makes Emma so engagingly fun to discuss?  Come and find out.  We look forward to hearing your opinion!

If you would like, please feel free to wear your Regency attire for a truly authentic setting.  

Contact Susan Fain at her e-mail address below for the menu and what you can bring to contribute to what will surely be a tasty fare.  
Contact Susan Fain at sdfain@charter.net