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We are happy to provide a list of North Texas Region members who speak to schools and organizations about Jane Austen and her novels.  Please feel free to contact the speakers below directly for further information on their topics and availability. 

Jane Austen's life and her novels 
contact author/Professor Joyce Tarpley at kerrtea@sbcglobal.net 
Jane Austen's novels, Being an Author & Caregiving in Jane Austen
contact Carol Adams at cja@caroljadams.com
Regency Holidays & Gift Giving
contact Lindy Bell at lindybellwr@ gmail.com
Fashion & Accessories in Regency England & the novels of  Jane Austen
contact Baronda Bradley at baronda@sbcglobal.net
Jane Austen's influence on writers
contact Cindy Jones  - website address:  www.cindyjones.com
e-mail address:  authorcindyjones@gmail.com
Sickness & Health in Jane Austen's novels and Regency England 
contact gynecologist  Cheryl Kinney  at info@drcherylkinney.com
Astronomy in Mansfield Park & Modern Adaptations of Emma 
contact   Jane Kinney  at janeausten87@gmail.com
Jane Austen's life & her novels contact
author/Professor   Theresa Kinney at tereska02@sbcglobal.net
Gentlemanly Pursuits in Regency England contact
  Bill Peirson at sharon.wilson@loandocsmail.com
Victorian & Regency Manners contact
   Chris Peirson at sharon.wilson@loandocsmail.com
Personality Types in Jane Austen's Novels contact
   Judy Pulice at judypulice@sbcglobal.net