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Jane Austen Day  

Sunday,  February 24th
1:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.
​​Hackberry Creek Country Club
1901 W. Royal Lane
Irving, TX

Join us for a delightful afternoon of study and discussion featuring commentary on Jane Austen's leading men.  First, Austen scholars, Robin Henry andn Dr.  Joyce Tarpley share their unique insights on the men in Persuasion; each talk will be followed by discussion based on questions from the audience; finally, we will see a demonstration of fencing, a popular pastime in the Regency and Victorian Eras.

Robin Henry 
 "Men Reading Badly: the Representation of Male Readers in
Jane Austen's Persuasion."  

During the eighteenth century, perceptions of male and female readers were widely different.  A close reading of Austen's Persuasion, offers a depiction of men reading badly. She intentionally shows that women and men are equally susceptible to “bad” reading, making women the intellectual and moral equals of men, a revolutionary idea for the time.

Robin Henry is a k-12 educator and librarian and an online Humanities instructor.  She holds a Master of Library Science from the University of North Texas and a Master of Arts in Humanities from the University of Texas at Dallas.  A lifelong Austen fan, her research interests include the history of reading and writing, particularly women’s reading and writing, in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries

Dr. Joyce Tarpley
 "The Glow of His Soul: Manhood & Homecoming in Persuasion"  

In every novel, the successful hero experiences the kind of homecoming that means the most to Austen: that of the mind and heart. It is a process by which he comes to know a truth about himself that transforms him. “Homecoming and Manhood in Persuasion” considers what helps or hinders Captain Wentworth in his quest to do so.  ​​

​ Dr. Joyce Tarpley, English professor at Mountain View College and the 2015-2016 JASNA Traveling Lecturer is an entertaining and informative speaker who will bring an enlightening perspective Jane Austen's male characters in Persuasion.  

                                            Victorian Fencing Society Demonstraton
Discussion and demonstraiton of eighteenth and nineteenth century Victorian fencing and history.  ​

Robin Henry

Dr. Joyce Tarpley

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